Jared Rice


In 2010, Jared was first elected to the New Rochelle City Council representing District 3.  Jared was then re-elected with 87% of the vote for a full four year term that began on January 1, 2012 and most recently ran unopposed for his new term which began in January 2016. In his brief time in office, Jared has taken the lead on many initiatives throughout New Rochelle including My Brother's Keeper; the Committee on Community Policing; the renaming of the Ruby Dee Park at Library Green; and l in bringing  jobs to District 3 residents by way of job training in both the construction industry and burgeoning green jobs sector.



Thank You

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I am truly humbled by the overwhelming amount of support I received in this most recent election.  Preliminary results show that 87% of New Rochelle District Three residents chose to vote for me which is a testament to the hard work I have poured into this job for the past ten months.  But this victory is not about me, it is about us and the work that we will do together for the next four years.


To all of the volunteers, campaign contributors, supporters, and well-wishers, WE DID IT!  This election symbolized more than winning and losing.  It represented progress versus stagnation, it represented unity as opposed to divisiveness, and most importantly it represented a community that cares about its future.


In the next few weeks, I will lay out a plan with some goals which I hope the Third District and City of New Rochelle can achieve during my next four year term.  In the meantime, I’m going to be working hard as we will deal with one of the most difficult budgets that the city has ever experienced.


Once again, thank you all and let’s go!

October Newsletter – District 3 Update

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Dear Friends,

As my first year representing District 3 draws to a close, I want
to highlight for you some of the many topics I have been ad-
dressing on City Council.

The spring’s biggest political challenge was to develop a fair and representative new map of city council districts. The issue elicited passionate and diverse opinions, since the final map would help shape policy in New Rochelle for the next three local elections. That’s why I worked so hard to consult with members of our community to develop a plan that respected neighborhoods and enhanced the opportunity for minority representation on Council.


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Written by Councilman Jared Rice, March 31, 2011

If one were to ask me to use three adjectives to describe my experience thus far on the New Rochelle city council, I would offer the words “intense”, “unpredictable” and “enjoyable”.  Coming into office three months ago as a first time elected official, I had an idea that these three words would have a special significance on my newfound responsibilities as a public servant.  However, I severely underestimated the level of the intensity, unpredictability and enjoyment that I would experience as the third district council member. (more…)